This article addresses the different professions that offer counseling in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Finding the Right Counselor in San Francisco


A psychologist is one kind of counselor you may choose to work with. A psychologist is an individual who has received a doctorate in the field of psychology. Psychologists usually provide psychotherapy and/or couples counseling although some psychologists may choose to become teachers, researchers, and consultants instead.


A psychiatrist is yet another type of counselor in San Francisco. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who, unlike a psychologist, has the ability to prescribe medication like anti-depressants. Some psychiatrists choose to practice talk-therapy while others focus on medication management.

Marriage and Family Therapist

The last type of counselor that you may choose to work with is a marriage and family therapist, commonly referred to as an MFT. A Marriage and Family Therapist is a skilled individual who has attained a master's degree in counseling psychology. Their training emphasizes working with relationships and better understanding interpersonal dynamics.

While there are many counselors to choose from, it is helpful to understand what distinguishes one kind from another. Should you have additional questions about finding an appropriate therapist in San Francisco, you are welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Joshua Simmons, Psy.D, or contact me by phone at (415) 820-1554.