This article explains the meaning of dreams and the process of dream analysis.

The Meaning of Dreams

Dreams use symbols to communicate important information about ourselves which has previously gone unnoticed. Dreams also reference past experiences and relationships which require further attention and understanding. In this way, dreams help us to see our lives more clearly. They help us to better understand the experiences which have shaped us and the reasons why we relate to others in very particular ways.

The Purpose of Dream Analysis

Dreams can also be very helpful for individuals who feel stuck, ambivalent, or uncertain about what direction to take in their life. They can reveal fears, wishes and undeveloped strengths and talents. They can also help to explain why certain individuals have difficulty making the necessary changes to live a happier, healthier life.

The Process of Dream Analysis

Psychotherapy can be a place where you bring your most recent dreams or even dreams that you've had long ago but never forgotten. Together, we will identify the symbols and themes in your dreams and think about the areas of your life that they illuminate. Once we have identified these areas, we will examine them more closely so as to better understand them. If we discover emotional wounds that have been left unhealed, we will work through them together. If we discover patterns of behaving and relating to others that cause you suffering, we will examine your motivations and identify alternative ways of being. Over time, our work together will teach you how to think about your dreams and how to integrate their important information into your life.

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